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new horizons / gila ballas

The New Horizons group was founded in 1948, with the establishment of the state of Israel, and was headed by some of the country’s best artists, including Joseph Zaritsky and Marcel Janco. They were inclined towards abstraction, a movement which characterized, during the previous century’s 1950s, the European art avante-gard, especially in France.
The book is based on a careful empirical study of the art scene during the first decade of Israel’s independence, and provides the most objective snapshot possible of the various forces at play during that time.
The new edition contains the integral text of the first edition, with minor revisions and additions, as well as updated and expanded biographical information about the artists. It deals with recent interpretations of the dichotomy between local (original) and universal, which has important ramifications for the definition of self-identity of Israeli artists and of Israeli art.
The current edition contains more images than its predecessor – all of which (except photographs of the period) are in colour and date from the period 1948-1965, although of course the group’s members went on developing and creating, each in their own right, for many years after that.
Finally, the book now boasts a spectacular new graphic design and an English version.

Professor Gila Ballas taught Modern and Israeli Art at the Art History Department at the Faculty of the Arts of Tel Aviv University, and continues to manage the Ziffer House Documentation and Research Center of Israeli Visual Arts on the Department’s behalf. She has published numerous articles on Israeli & French art. Her books include New Horizons (1980), Reshafim Publishing; Colour in Modern Painting: Theory and Practice (1996) Reshafim Publishing; Second edition (2009), Modan Publishing; French edition (1997), Editions Adam Biro, Paris; Cézanne The Bathers – Theme and Composition (2002, French), Editions Adam Biro, Paris; Vasily Kandinsky: The Language of Painting (2002), Dyonon, Tel Aviv.

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